Olla » News » The Fennia Block reaches the shortlist at Inside Festival showcasing the world’s best interior architecture

The Fennia Block reaches the shortlist at Inside Festival showcasing the world’s best interior architecture

The historic renovation project by Olla is a nominee in the Retail category of the competition held in Singapore.

Inside Festival is part of the World Architecture Festival, one of the world’s most significant architecture events. Dedicated to interior architecture, the Inside Festival recognizes outstanding design projects in 10 categories. The Fennia Block is competing for the victory of the Retail category, which highlights excellence in commercial spaces.

The Fennia Block is located in the heart of Helsinki, right next to the Central Railway Station Square, comprising buildings whose oldest parts date back to the late 1800s. Olla has been involved from the outset in this extensive project, aiming to create a functional entity from the properties and restore the block to its rightful historical and locational value. Olla’s design team included architects, interior designers, modeling and visualization experts, as well as specialists in service design and graphic design. All these areas of expertise were necessary in this demanding project, resulting in the rejuvenation of this valuable block.

The most prominent features of the renovation include a comprehensive transformation of the central boulevard and the design of two distinct restaurant areas. The restaurant world Ruoka & Mat located in the central part of the boulevard is an attractive meeting place that also provides a breather in the heart of the city. The furniture, including high tables and bar stools, reflects the core concept of a modern, vibrant market hall atmosphere.

The other restaurant Lafter is a luminous, elegant space that blends old and new. The renewed restaurant space is lively, stylish, and timeless – much like the block itself situated amidst significant cultural landmarks and bustling transportation links.

As part of the renovation, extensive energy-efficient solutions were implemented across the block covering seven different properties. Adding to the project’s interest and uniqueness is its inclusion of buildings from various eras, and many conservation objectives.

The Fennia Block redevelopment is not Olla’s first project to reach the WAF or INSIDE finals. A year ago, Forssa’s multifunctional center Akvarelli competed in Singapore for the title of the world’s best school building. In 2018, the Länsisalmi Power Station was awarded the best in its category “Production energy and recycling.” Over the years, other projects such as Tikkurila Daycare Centre in Vantaa and Telia Data Center in Helsinki have also been nominees.

The world’s largest architecture festival, the World Architecture Festival, and Inside World Festival of Interiors will be held in Singapore from November 6-8, 2024. Winners will be announced on the final day of the festival.

Mikko Lahikainen, CEO & lead architect

Photos: Martin Sommerschield / Kuvio Photo