What could be if we rethink architecture? 

Architecture is never designed alone, just as buildings do not exist in a vacuum. Each building has dialogue with its users and its environment. The more the world changes, the more significant are the questions that architecture must answer.

Olla’s architecture introduces all parties to something new. We bring the required expertise to the same table: we combine skills from various fields; connect confidence to experience and ideas to the ability to realise them. Our cooperation results in environments that understand people and nature and that transcend conventional architecture.

Responsibility and strength to do things differently

Architecture brings different time periods together: when we change our shared environment today, we are also making decisions for future generations.

We want to shake up conventional architecture. Our methods show our six decades of experience. This long history gives us the confidence to also look far into the future. With our broad perspective, Olla identifies the factors that influence social, cultural, ecological and financial sustainability. We rely on these factors and cooperation to build a future that we want to live in.

‘Olla’ means ‘to be’ – and we can be anything

We are in the possibility business. Anything is possible in architecture when the skills, minds and passion of the right professionals are put into it.

The more complex a question, the wider insight is required of the answer. Olla brings everyone you need to the same drawing board. What unites us is that we dare ask the right questions and that we have a real desire to answer them in ways that are convincing both today and tomorrow.

We believe that when we share knowledge and insight, everyone wins. By combining expertise, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts and solutions become more powerful than the challenges.

Expertise we believe in