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Collage: March

Collage is a monthly summary of Olla’s news. In March, Olla celebrated the building permit for the electric station boosting Helsinki’s green transition and the international visibility of the Forssa Multipurpose Centre.

The substation designed by Olla has a significant role in Helsinki’s green transition

In March, a new substation designed by Olla for the energy company Fingrid received a building permit in the Vanhakaupunki district in Helsinki. Fingrid, Helen, and the City of Helsinki are currently engaged in a significant cable connection project aimed at meeting the growing electricity demand of city and supporting the green transition. One of the most prominent parts of the project is the new substation located in Vanhakaupunki. A 12-kilometer-long 400-kilovolt cable will be installed between the new station and the Länsisalmi substation, allowing electricity to be transferred from Vantaa to Helsinki.

Construction of the connection began last December, with completion scheduled for 2026. Read here how the project helps Helsinki transition to a greener era.

Forssa multipurpose centre Akvarelli prominently featured in the prestigious architecture publication The Plan

Akvarelli is a village-like school building that provides an inspiring learning environment for over 800 users daily. In March, a comprehensive article about the multipurpose center that has also previously aroused international interest, was published in The Plan, one of the most respected architecture magazines in the market.

You can read the digital version of the magazine here.

The renewed Fennia Block turned 1 – a comprehensive renovation completed last March marked the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the esteemed block

The Fennia Block is located in the heart of Helsinki, right on the edge of Rautatientori (Railway Square). The oldest parts of the block date back to the late 1800s. Olla was involved from the very beginning in a project that started with a comprehensive examination of the Helsinki downtown area. Through the identification and analysis of the needs of both the client and the citizens, the project crystallized into the redevelopment of the historical Fennia Block.

The most prominent features of the extensive renovation project include the comprehensive transformation of the central boulevard running through the block and the creation of two impressive restaurant areas.

Read here how this historic block was brought back to life.

Olla’s office hosted a movie night spotlighting wood architecture

Olla continued its tradition of providing a space for engaging encounters and discussions as Helsinki SAFA (the Finnish Association of Architects) organized an architecture film evening for industry professionals. The event showcased short films focusing on wood architecture, offering attendees the opportunity to meet the designers of the featured buildings.

The event continued the series of events hosted by HESA SAFA, centered around films and architecture, with Olla’s event space Muuntamo serving as the venue.