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Collage: October

Collage is a monthly snapshot of what’s happening at Olla. October was a season of sharing expertise: amid intensive project work, Olla’s professionals had the opportunity to both share their own knowledge and grow through lectures and workshops led by other experts. The exciting weeks also included a tram excursion, exhibition news and more than forty pumpkins.

Olla’s experts at the forefront of the future of construction

In mid-October, Rakentamisen tulevaisuus, an event about the the future of construction, brought together professionals in the fields of construction and design to contemplate the most pressing issues in their industry.

During their presentation, Olla’s architect Laura Varan and interior architect Tea Ellala challenged conventional ideas regarding construction and renovation. Olla’s team used the Kaikukatu 3 project, a renovation of a 1970s office building, as an example of how sustainable and visually stunning results can be achieved by changing one’s mindset.

Olla’s designers also showcased the same project at the Reimagine Spaces event organized by the City of Helsinki. The event delved into the future of spatial and interior design and the role of the circular economy in it.

How can elements like old windows or ceiling slats be repurposed? Learn more about the possibilities of the circular economy through the concrete example of the Kaikukatu 3 project here.

Bratislav Tošković’s lifetime award exhibition opens in Niš

Olla’s leading architect and partner, Bratislav Tošković, was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Serbian Architects Association in the spring. This recognition included an exhibition showcasing Bratislav’s career and approach, which opened in May during Belgrade’s International Architecture Week.

In October, the “Distance That Connects” exhibition moved from Belgrade to Niš. The exhibition was opened by the Deputy Head of Mission at the Finnish Embassy, Ilkka Myllymäki, coinciding with the city’s Architecture Days.

Welcome to the virtual gallery of the exhibition! You can explore the exhibition catalog here.

Olla demonstrating the possibilities of reusing glass elements

During a condition inspection, it was found that the 600 windows in an old office building were no longer usable. However, rather than discarding a significant amount of material, a decision was made to find a new purpose for the old windows. Watch a video that illustrates how the windows were transformed into glass partitions here (in Finnish).

Photo: a screenshot of the video made by the City of Helsinki

A new daycare centre in Martinlaakso

Mårtensdals Bildningsrum in Martinlaakso, Vantaa has received the necessary building permits and construction work has commenced. Currently, there is a single-story school building on the site, and the daycare extension is being added to the school’s northern side.

The facade of the extension is designed to reflect the purpose and the users of the building: children. The scale of the building has been made smaller by using various structures. The use of boards with varying widths creates an ever-changing surface that plays with shadows. The vertical lines on the facade draw inspiration from the abundant trees on the site.

Mårtensdals Bildningsrum is expected to be completed in late 2024.

Excursion on tracks

A significant expansion, including the addition of two new buildings, was completed earlier this year. In October, Olla’s entire staff visited Ilmalanlinna, a project to which many of the company’s designers have contributed their expertise over the years.

Ilmalanlinna is conveniently accessible via a new tram route. In celebration of this, Olla embarked on the journey aboard the iconic restaurant tram known as “SpåraKOFF”. It provided a wonderful opportunity to raise a toast to the remarkable project and the diverse expertise that made it all possible.

Find out more about Ilmalanlinna, the office complex prioritizing the well-being of people and the environment, here.

Modernizing an industrial property

A 1980s industrial building owned by Mileway was in need of a facelift to attract new tenants. Olla’s multidisciplinary team created new layouts for the property located on Koskelontie in Espoo and designed a fresh look for both the interiors and the façade. The plans transform the office space into a modern, seamlessly integrated workspace related to production and storage areas. Additionally, the current state of the building was turned into an initial information model for future changes and the planned energy renovation.

New insights on emission calculation, gravity ventilation and constructive communication

Architect Malin Moisio, an expert in the built environment, delivered an insightful lecture to Olla on carbon footprint calculations and renovation construction. Moisio, a doctoral researcher at Tampere University, focuses on the possibilities of building renovations, changes in purpose, and additional construction in mitigating climate change.

Olla’s experts also had the opportunity to learn about gravity ventilation from HVAC specialist Jari Ketola. Ketola, who conducted a comprehensive lecture on the matter, specializes in designing gravity ventilation systems for new constructions and renovation projects.

Furthermore, the entire work community gathered for a half-day workshop on constructive work culture. Led by organizational psychologists from Terveystalo, Kaisa Poutanen and Atte Varis, the workshop delved into the methods of building communication and trust necessary for a thriving and innovative community.

Learning together is an essential part of Olla’s culture. In addition to shared lectures and workshops, each employee has a designated number of working hours per year available for individual training that best supports their personal development.

Creativity and technical mastery in Olla’s pumpkin carving contest

Whether it’s a building or a pumpkin on their desks, you can always count on the innovation of Olla’s professionals. During the after-work gathering of All Saints’ Week, pumpkin models ranged from classic grins to playful cats, and from simple floral carvings to remarkably detailed designs.

The carving workshop was part of Olla’s monthly routine, where each team takes turns organizing activities for the entire office.