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Collage: February

Collage is a monthly summary of Olla’s news. In February, the spotlight was on the relationship between architecture and its surroundings, both at the project level and from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Vantaa Energy’s new substation is an architectural metaphor for electricity

Vantaa Energy’s new electrical substation in Varisto was already put into operation in December 2023, but its completion was celebrated at an event organized by the electricity company at the end of February. The substation significantly enhances the area’s electrical transmission capacity. Designed by Olla, the architecture of the station not only meets functional needs but also makes the building a local landmark. At the core of the concept is the birth of electricity where two voltages meet. The station is situated between the busy Kehä III and a tranquil open field – at the junction of two environments with different energy levels.

Read more about the new substation and the landmark of the area here.

Integrating Nature into Design challenged the conception of the relationship between nature and architecture

Olla aims to integrate expertise from various fields and provide a creative platform for new architectural thinking. The idea behind the Integrating Nature into Design morning event was once again to challenge our own thinking and bring together expertise and different perspectives. The event featured insightful expert speeches on the relationship between nature and architecture, ranging from the scale of urban planning to the micro level.

What is the designer’s responsibility regarding protecting the connection to nature and ensuring the well-being of also other species? Read here what Olla’s interior architect Tea Ellala writes about the thoughts provoked by the event.

Unique lakeside living – building permit granted for an apartment block designed by Olla

Olla is designing a residential block on the shores of Lake Finnträsk in Kirkkonummi, where nature becomes an integral part of the living experience in a unique way.

The residential buildings are nestled amidst lush greenery, and the goal is to preserve as many trees between the houses as possible. The crowning jewel of the block is a communal lakeside sauna for residents. The project is being developed by EKE-Rakennus.

Read more about the lakeside block in Kurkiranta here.

Olla’s Bratislav Toskovic joins the jury of the World Architecture Festival for the third time

The annual World Architecture Festival, held in Singapore in late November to early December, showcases projects in 44 categories. Each category is assessed by a three-member jury. This year, Olla’s Bratislav Toskovic will evaluate projects in the Completed Buildings – Production, Energy, and Logistics category.

What does being a judge at the world’s largest architecture festival entail? Read Bratislav’s thoughts on the role of a judge here.